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My name is János Gergely Debreczi, a portrait and wedding photographer from Szentendre, Hungary, but I work a lot internationally. 

Artistic statement

In my work I strive to capture motion and transition. It is vital that my images capture not just the eyes, but the soul of the viewer. For this, I primarily use composition and form. For deeper visual impact I manipulate my images digitally. The pictures are first created in my mind, then I use my lights, camera and post processing to create the photograph that I would like to show.

Photography is more like a passion than work or play. While photographing, I get into a state that implies living in the moment, transcend into the spirit of the situation. Because of this, I can never view a scene as a third party. With this I really understand what I'm photographing, this gets me closer to the meaning of the shot.

While on assignments, I strive to create value.